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MacRae Technologies, Inc.
Consultants for Pyrometallurgical Vessels


Patents / Patents Pending
·        Use of copper alloy material for cast-in-pipe technology for copper castings.
·        Hearth compression of refractory for cylindrical and curved furnaces. Splitting of the shell is not required.
·        Eddy reduction in tuyeres and cooling blocks with cored water passages.
·        Frame for staves for blast furnaces.
·        Elimination of compensators on blast furnace staves.
Novel designs
·        Blast furnace tuyeres and staves
·        Furnace wall and roof panels
·        Runners and launders
·        Roof sealing with cooling blocks
·        Roof lift frame
·        Hot face patterns for cooling blocks, to maximize retention of refractory and accretions
·        Tap hole modifications to accommodate differential movement between brick, shell and coolers

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