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MacRae Technologies, Inc.
Consultants for Pyrometallurgical Vessels
·        Water-cooled components, steel shells, and refractory for metallurgical furnaces.
·        Industrial structures to house or support metallurgical furnaces.
·        Steel vessels for horizontal cylindrical furnaces such as converters and anode furnaces.
·        Steel shells for circular furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical furnaces.
·        Binding steel design and analysis for rectangular and circular furnaces.
·        Steady state and transient computation fluid dynamics (CFD), including multi-fluid and injection.
·        Thermal and stress analysis of furnace shell, brick, and cooling elements.
·        Expansion allowance calculations for furnaces.
Shop Inspections
·        Water cooled components.
·        Vessel structures (shells, binding steel).
·        Furnace specialist to act as part of client team, for selection of technology, design review, for new furnaces or major rebuilds.
·        Field assistance to determine cause of furnace failure and develop solutions to get the vessel back on line quickly.
·        3D modeling:    Solid Edge, Pro-E
·        2D modeling:    Inventor, AutoCAD, Microstation
·        CFD:                Ansys CFX
·        FEA:                Ansys Multiphysics
·        3D frames:       RISA-3D
·        Other:              TK Solver

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